Uninstalling Kingsway Soft Integration Toolkit – SSIS productivity pack

By | April 18, 2019

A long time back I installed the above Kingsway Soft Integration Toolkit on my laptop. It was basically installed to explore a functionality of transferring files from cloud to on premise etc. It was not what I was looking for but I left it cluttering my VS instance assuming I could use it for something else later. AS time went by it became obvious I was never going to use it so I tried to uninstall it via Control panel. But low and behold it required the original installer file. Too bad I didn’t have it so I thought I would download it from their archive.

Sadly the archive didn’t have the installer available. Naturally the next option available was to try and upgrade the existing version and see if I could uninstall after the upgrade? However after upgrade it still didn’t let me remove the components from MY Visual Studio. Resetting the tool box and unchecking the assemblies via VS also did help.

It started to dawn on me that maybe Kingsway Soft didn’t want you to uninstall their software. But I thought the least I should do I check out the FAQs. And there I find the reason why. Not one word on uninstalling the software expect that if you have trouble you should contact support for the dirt cheap rate of 180$ per ticket.

So the next obvious step was going to be a hard uninstall by manually deleting the files from Program Files Directory but that didn’t do the trick. So after searching a bit I figured I’d try IObit uninstaller too. As expected this too didn’t work. Finally I was left with no choice but to navigate and directly access the transformation tasks assemblies under DTS folder > Tasks as shown in the screenshot below. Searched for anything that said KingswaySoft and deleted it off.

One sneaky thing they did was install assemblies in all VS Version directories so make sure you check all folder and delete them from all locations. Once done restarted system and launch Visual Studio and you should be good to go.

The way Kingswaysoft has gone out of their way to make it difficult to uninstall their software makes me think it’s nothing short of a virus even if it “technically” isn’t one.

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