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Part 2 MSSQL Machine Learning – Step by Step

By | June 4, 2020

Now that we have Machine learning services installed on SQL Server the next thing will be to install additional packages. Packages are precompiled code that we can use similar to a function to perform certain tasks. The most common examples are numpy, matplotlib, sklearn etc. Each of these modules contains easy to use functions that… Read More »

SQL Server Machine Learning Using Python – Step by Step

By | June 3, 2020

In this series of post we are going to cover all the steps required to be able to perform Machine learning on Microsoft SQL Server. We will start off with installing and configuring Machine learning on MS SQL Server. Followed by adding packages to SQL Server using sqlmlutils and finally using data from SQL Server… Read More »

3 server settings you can enable in 3 seconds to improve performance

By | May 28, 2020

There are a number of dials and knobs in SQL Server that allow the DBA to fine tune almost every aspect of the server. In this post I highlight five quick wins that every DBA can enable on their server to improve performance. The best part is they will take all of three seconds of… Read More »

How to Increase transfer rate when copying to External HDD

By | May 23, 2020

Recently I had to purchase an additional external hard disk to back up my data. While creating a system image of the laptop I noticed that it was taking far too long. On further inspect I found out the transfer rate was far lower than promised. This post will explain how to identify and fix… Read More »

Series on Tuning SQL Server using Fill Factor to control page splits

By | May 21, 2020

Is it better to take a hit on performance due to Fill Factor or Page Splits? That is the question being answered in this video. As with most things in SQL Server there is a trade-off. Is the impact of additional pages caused by a fill factor of 70% more damaging than the impact of… Read More »

How to navigate between pages in PowerBI

By | May 11, 2020

In this post we explore the way to navigates between pages in PowerBI. The latest release of PowerBI has made this process very simply and most developers will find it useful to convert the old bookmarks into Action events. This will not only reduce the number of steps but also improve usability. Adding a button… Read More »

Backing up MySQL databases

By | May 9, 2020

WordPress uses MySQL as its database backend and as a result it is important to upgrade and patch MySQL database versions when possible. This is especially true for older versions of MySQL which get installed by default with older WordPress Installers like those found on Web Platform Installer. Before proceeding with any such changes it… Read More »

Upgrading the version of PHP in IIS

By | May 9, 2020

WordPress is a one of the most commonly used technologies to host a website and blog. WordPress in turn uses PHP to render the content and therefore it is critical to make sure the version of PHP being used is the latest one. Like most software they release fixes and performance improvements with every release.… Read More »

Power BI: -Relative Time Filter

By | May 7, 2020

A great features to have when reporting the relative Time Filter Option allows the developer to show only a certain set of date that is constrained relative to the current time. For example show only data from the last 24 hours onwards. In database parlance we often call this a sliding window function. Where we… Read More »

Power BI Automated page Refresh

By | May 7, 2020

Automated page refresh is a feature that allows the developer to display real time information on the power Bi report. This is not to be confused with features like incremental refresh which only loads a subset of data from very large tables. Automated page refresh supports two mode Scheduled and Change Detection (Premium only) In… Read More »