Securing SQL Server – Principal of least Privileges

By | September 23, 2020

In this second video of the series we cover “Principle of least privileges”. It means we grant only the minimum required permission to any account. We explore how to grant these permissions and also how once granted, bad coding practices and carelessness can undo all the hard work in one swoop.

This is one of the most fundamental tasks any DBA is expected to know and so we cover the basics in depth. We demonstrate how SQL injection occurs towards the end of the video to show how despite implementing this security feature hackers can get access to your data. It is important to know the details of how to implement this feature since it is in most companies the only thing done to protect the data.

Category: Security

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This post was written by Jayanth Kurup. A Microsoft SQL Server Consultant and Trainer based out of Bangalore, India. Jayanth has been working on MS SQL Server for over 15 years. He is a performance tuning and Business Intelligence expert. Having worked with companies like Microsoft, DELL, Wells Fargo, Thomson Reuters and many other fortune 100 companies. Some other technologies Jayanth works on include Microsoft Azure, PowerBI, Python and AWS. When he isn’t consulting or training, Jayanth like to travel, paint and read. He is also very active in social causes and the founder of Enabled Business Solutions. Visit his company by clicking the link in the menu or email him directly.