Report on Self harm

By | March 18, 2019

Recently we were given access to some data for self-harm statistics collected by WHO. Here are the important points

Highest risk category are millennial males nearing the age of 25 in the Americas. Below is a screen grab of the basic report. Further analysis can be found below:-

Data for regions like Africa and Middle East were too sparse for any meaningful analysis so will not be discussed further.

Some obvious points were identified first

  • Men are far more prone to self-harm than women.
  • The peak risk age group for almost all generations appears to 35-45 years of age.

Suicide Rates for Europe and Asia shown below are on the decline




Suicide rates for north and South America are trending upwards

North America

South America


There is a direct inverse link between per capita GDP and Self harms, as was witnessed for most countries for the time periods during periods of recession. Increase in population also contributes to increase in self-harm rates if not accompanied by greater growth in per capita GDP.

With every subsequent generation we see that peaks in self-harm rates are reached at younger and younger ages


There is a worrisome trend of economic pressure resulting in increased self-harm rates for all generations expect millennials. In the case of millennials we see that rates spike far ahead of the age group acquiring working age likely a result of online challenges such as Blue Whale Game etc. We also noted an anomaly with regard to much older generations like the Silent generation who are currently over 75 years of age having significantly higher rates for the age group 75+ compared to other generations. It is uncertain if the spike is due to not having sufficient data or an actual trend.