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This post was written by Jayanth Kurup. A Microsoft SQL Server Consultant and Trainer based out of Bangalore, India. Jayanth has been working on MS SQL Server for over 15 years. He is a performance tuning and Business Intelligence expert. Having worked with companies like Microsoft, DELL, Wells Fargo, Thomson Reuters and many other fortune 100 companies. Some other technologies Jayanth works on include Microsoft Azure, PowerBI, Python and AWS. When he isn’t consulting or training, Jayanth like to travel, paint and read. He is also very active in social causes and the founder of Enabled Business Solutions. Visit his company by clicking the link in the menu or email him directly.

How WITH (NOLOCK) can degrade performance

By | December 11, 2019

I was recently asked by a company to have a technical call for a training requirement. The “Senior Database Architect” insisted I only talk about concurrency issue. I tried to explain that concurrency is just one aspect of tuning and using some features are a double edged sword. As an example I wanted to show… Read More »

Tuple Mover Basics and the Updateable Columnstore index

By | July 9, 2019

When Microsoft introduced Columnstore indexes in SQL server 2012 a key limitation was the table could only be read from and not inserted. While the limitation itself has been overcome in subsequent versions of SQL server we need to understand the impact of how they work to explain performance issues when it comes to accessing… Read More »

Adaptive Joins SQL 2017

By | June 20, 2019

  select a.StateName , a.CityName , sum(flights) from Airports a inner join normalization_index n on a.AirportSeqId = n.OriginAirportSeqID where a.AirportSeqId > 1474703 group by a.StateName , a.CityName     select a.StateName , a.CityName , sum(flights) from Airports a inner join normalization_index n on a.AirportSeqId = n.OriginAirportSeqID where a.AirportSeqId=1451202 group by a.StateName , a.CityName    … Read More »

94% Compression???? SQL Server from 1GB to 65 MB

By | June 11, 2019

In this video we go about taking data that is little over 1 GB in size and incrementally reducing its size all the way down to 65MB. This is mostly to highlight that good design can significantly reduce the memory footprint of the data. With tools like PowerbI etc. the push is towards storing the… Read More »

A Case for Classroom trainings

By | April 22, 2019

Every once in a while I see an advertisement on LinkedIn about companies that conduct online Trainings. Each time I see such ads I am reminded of how people have adopted technology to make their lives better as well as worse. In this post I am going to dissect what is wrong about online trainings.… Read More »

Report on Self harm

By | March 18, 2019

Recently we were given access to some data for self-harm statistics collected by WHO. Here are the important points Highest risk category are millennial males nearing the age of 25 in the Americas. Below is a screen grab of the basic report. Further analysis can be found below:- Data for regions like Africa and Middle… Read More »

SQL 2017 – Minor features

By | March 14, 2019

There are a tons of minor improvements of features in SQL 2017 that nobody talks about so I figured before we all get swept up with SQL 2019. It might be good to quickly post something about them for posterity. sys.dm_os_host_info   A new DMV that gives OS level info as shown below, as you… Read More »