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DB Options: – Parameterization

By | April 24, 2020

In this video we cover the two options available under parameterization in MSSQL database properties. Ad hoc queries are queries that aren’t stored procedures. Since the code is ad-hoc in nature we see that the WHERE condition often has hard coded values. Each time the hard coded value changes we see a new execution plan… Read More »

DB Options: Page Verify

By | April 20, 2020 It’s become significantly rarer for database corruption to occur nowadays because of hardware and software improvements. In older version of SQL Server it was fairly common for database pages to be corrupted when written to disk especially during power failures etc. Page Verify is one of the options that SQL Server uses to identify… Read More »

DB Options: – Delayed Durability

By | April 17, 2020 Delayed durability is one the few features available to database professionals to improve write performance. Often for highly transnational databases we encounter disk level latency on writes. Most of the improvements would require changes to server hardware etc. Delayed Durability when done right is Simple, Effective and easy to do. It should not be… Read More »

DB Options: – Optimistic Concurrency

By | April 11, 2020 It’s very common for databases to reach its limit over time even with good indexing and hardware. At some point the database administrator is going to have to consider if using Optimistic Concurrency. Optimistic Concurrency is a feature that allows the database to reduce the overlap of concurrent read and write operations on the… Read More »

What happens to the statistics when the column is encrypted?

By | April 10, 2020

When you add encryption to a column in a table, we have to wonder what happens to the data in the statistics. Statistics store he distribution of the data in the column and therefore it stores the values as well. While the data might be sampled it is still important to ensure if the column… Read More »