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Can we use in-memory oltp instead of columnstore index for DW queries

By | August 10, 2017

Recently when having a chat with a client I was asked if it will be a good idea to replace a view with a static in memory table so that users querying the table for a dashboard will have better performance considering the data will be in the RAM. Bottom line the best place to… Read More »

Scaling SQL Express with Stretch table feature

By | August 2, 2017

  Recently I was asked by a client if the Stretch table feature will work with SQL Express and if so what the limitations are. This seemed like an interesting use case so we explored further and here is what we found. Can SQL EXPRESS edition in SQL 2016 be used with stretch tables feature… Read More »

Are we looking at gender pay gap incorrectly?

By | August 1, 2017

This is a topic that is very dear to me not because of the gender aspect of it but because I am a strong believer of Equal pay for Equal work regardless of gender, race, religion or nationality. I strongly believe there is a wage gap and that there is gender bias but I have… Read More »