Monthly Archives: December 2015

Creating a network graph in SQL Server

By | December 30, 2015

Over the holidays I have been looking to try out some new concepts in SQL Server and figured I should perform some analysis on all the emails I have received in the last 5 years. The idea started out with me just wanting to know some basic info like the list of companies and employees… Read More »

Deploying changes to In-memory OLTP tables almost seamlessly

By | December 13, 2015

If you’re looking to implement the in memory OLTP tables in SQL Server 2014, one of the biggest drawbacks for the same is the fact that tables need to be dropped and recreated , they cannot be altered. While the official documentation simply calls this out and stops there. A simple and effective solution is… Read More »

In Memory OLTP Decision Tree

By | December 9, 2015

A Very Simplified diagram explaining some key decision points and important aspect of using in memory OLTP in SQL 2014