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There is a very important discussion happening!!! Are you part of it?? Net neutrality

By | April 8, 2015

This is probably one of the most important stuff you can do in your life time.Net Neutrality is the idea that the internet should not be restricted by the ISPs. Currently ISPs in India are claiming loss of revenue due to apps like skype and Whatsapp taking over the SMS and Call space that was… Read More »

Why I will never hire anybody for Tata?

By | April 7, 2015

Reaching a certain level of incompetence takes just as much commitment as being good at it. It’s like telling someone “you can’t mess this up even if you tried” and then being proven wrong. Case in point is the recent TataSky upgrade that happened all over India. By the CEOs admission Tata Sky has over… Read More »

Uninstalling SQL Server

By | April 7, 2015

I just realized today that I had the CTP for sql 2014 still installed on my laptop today. While trying to uninstall it from control panel (time period had expired by the way) I got the error below: The Operating System on this computer does not meet the minimum requirement Naturally being a CTP I… Read More »

Clustered Index vs Unique Non Clustered Index, which is better performance while still maintaining integrity of the data?

By | April 5, 2015

At a training recently we were talking about improving ETL performance for a process that loads about 3 million rows. While the answer is typically to load the data after dropping the indexes, in this case they wanted to load the data with indexes since the data would then be needed to perform looks up… Read More »