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SSIS – Starter kit for the uninitiated – Execute process task and PowerShell

By | August 4, 2015

In this fourth part of the series (see previous post here) we proceed to modify the XMl files downloaded from the web service. While this step is not mandatory in most cases where the XML is well formed, in this particular example we see an issue with the file. Namely < And > text is… Read More »

SSIS – Starter kit for the uninitiated – Foreachloop

By | August 4, 2015

I was up at 3:00 AM in the morning and felt that the world needs to know where all the airports are and how you could use SSIS and PowerView to display this information in a clean and concise way. This need was so powerful that I spent the next 4 hours writing an SSIS… Read More »

OStress.exe – use it if you aren’t already

By | July 5, 2015

I was recently trying to simulate the performance implications of hashing vs encryption and wanted to simulate hundreds of sessions and 1000’s of requested on a username/password table. Most time developers and testers use a test harness for automating this kind of activity or use a load testing tool. I however am not a tester… Read More »

NULL Management, SPARSE Columns, Vertical partitioning and a query

By | June 23, 2015

When discussing DW design I often take a lot of time to emphasize the impact Nulls have on query performance, aggregations, design, storage and much more. While this is not new to most seasoned DW developers it is often overlooked during the design phase and added at a later point in time mostly after testing… Read More »

IS IT POSSIBLE? Bulk operations in Full recovery model

By | May 15, 2015

Here is the reason I am writing this post As per the above entry from MSDN, there cannot be any minimally logged operations in full recovery mode, which is what I have always understood since full recovery model requires point in time recovery. In order to understand my dilemma we need to first define what… Read More »

Video on how to use Schema Compare Option available in SSDT

By | March 21, 2015

In this video we cover how to use the Schema compare option within MS SQL Server Data Tools the Visual Studio IDE that comes as the replacement for BIDS. The video covers how to create a project followed by making changes and detecting the change and then how to sync or merge the changes. http://youtu.be/rNL3Ieev2CQ… Read More »


By | January 27, 2015

Some feedback from the training What did you like most about the training? Knowledge on SQL Trainers end to end knowledge about the tool. Explained concepts with hands on. Came to know topic didnt know earlier. Trainer was able to explain the topics covered in training. Performance improvement only by basic stuff(e.g. index) Trainer is… Read More »

Best practices for Cloud backups

By | January 13, 2015

Continuing our discussion on how to backup databases to the cloud here are a few official and unofficial best practices. Use unique filename; better yet add timestamps to the backup to make sure the cloud blob storage doesn’t overwrite the existing file. Since the whole thing happens outside your premise there is no File overwrite… Read More »