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SQL 2016 – Updatable Columnstore Index finally OLTP and DW workloads delivered

By | July 13, 2015

So SQL 2016 comes with updatable non clustered columnstore index. Are you wondering why this is a big deal. It is and here’s why In SQL 2012 the Non clustered Columnstore index was introduced but was severely handicapped by the fact that once implemented the table was read only. In SQL 2014 the Clustered Columnstore… Read More »

IS IT POSSIBLE? Bulk operations in Full recovery model

By | May 15, 2015

Here is the reason I am writing this post As per the above entry from MSDN, there cannot be any minimally logged operations in full recovery mode, which is what I have always understood since full recovery model requires point in time recovery. In order to understand my dilemma we need to first define what… Read More »

Sometimes common sense takes a back seat to BI

By | March 9, 2015

This post has to do with how we sometimes loose the tree for the forest (no this is not a mistake), I had written a blog post sometime back about game theory and how it can help decide the outcome of certain business cases. I came across two instances in the last week where game… Read More »

How do you know if a company is doing well?

By | January 7, 2015

The simple answer is URGENCY. Last year I had tweeted about the poor service provided by Spice Jet while I was waiting at the airport on my way to Chennai. Almost a year later the company is struggling to find investors. How did I know? When things are going well everybody is upbeat and it… Read More »

MSBI at the Airport

By | July 5, 2014

I was recently at Bangalore International Airport and while waiting for a flight was looking for a way to pass the time. I noticed there is an fnb (food and Beverage outlet) on the first floor hidden discreetly from all the others. For those not familiar with BIAL the departure gates are on 2 floor.… Read More »


By | May 22, 2014

Those who have been following the series of blogs today will notice a trend in the topics being picked up. These are all features that are launched in SQL 2012 but more importantly they all reflect the T-SQL equivalent of similar functionality available in SSAS. It makes sense considering the push MS has been making… Read More »