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SQL Server is an awesome product.

By | September 16, 2015

While I might seem biased in my choice of wording for the title, the fact is SQL Server is an awesome product. If you looking for actual numbers click here. MS SQL Server is the top OLTP and among the top DW RDBMS. More importantly you see that SQL server provide everything you need to… Read More »

Lock, Latches, Waits and Deadlocks explained weirdly (like never before)!!!

By | August 27, 2015

When conducting MS SQL Server Trainings I often resort to weird examples to explain how certain things work. Over the years I have some favorites that I use over and over. The most disgusting by far would be the one I use to explain Locking, blocking and deadlocks. There are some definite advantages to doing… Read More »

MS SQL Server and Tic Toc and why I changed my mind that it’s a good idea

By | June 26, 2015

I am not sure MS has got it right with the release cycle for SQL server. While this debate has happened before (I was then excited that there will be newer versions of SQL available sooner) now I am older and wiser. The reason I don’t think this approach will work in the long run… Read More »

NULL Management, SPARSE Columns, Vertical partitioning and a query

By | June 23, 2015

When discussing DW design I often take a lot of time to emphasize the impact Nulls have on query performance, aggregations, design, storage and much more. While this is not new to most seasoned DW developers it is often overlooked during the design phase and added at a later point in time mostly after testing… Read More »

Configuring User Defined Server Roles in MS SQL Server

By | March 21, 2015

In this quick video I cover how to setup User Defined Server Roles in MS SQL Server, we use this feature to provide granularity to the DBA permissions based on the job role. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCDn9KwNUm8

Video on how to use Schema Compare Option available in SSDT

By | March 21, 2015

In this video we cover how to use the Schema compare option within MS SQL Server Data Tools the Visual Studio IDE that comes as the replacement for BIDS. The video covers how to create a project followed by making changes and detecting the change and then how to sync or merge the changes. http://youtu.be/rNL3Ieev2CQ… Read More »

Performance Tuning CPU issues in MS SQL Server – Indexes

By | March 18, 2015

In this video we cover how the correct use of Indexes can help elimintae CPU bottlenecks , we cover how to identify CPU issues and a few different ways the issues can be resolved. Performance Tuning CPU issues The video is ment to provide a starting place for novices to undertsand the role played by… Read More »

Using MS SQL Server to work with assemblies (CLR)

By | February 23, 2015

A brand new video uploaded on YouTube on how to use CLR assemblies in MS SQL Server. Please share and like and we look forward to comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sOlIIC-UXg Oops !!! we forgot the link last time BTW Did you check out our new website !!! built in 24 hours it reflects our new design philosophy

Part 1 Buffer pool extension SQL 2014

By | January 16, 2015

In this series I am going to cover the feature Buffer pool extension in MS SQL Server. Now before we can discuss this feature it might be a good idea to define what a buffer pool is and why it needs extensions in the first place. The buffer pool is that part of the RAM… Read More »