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Climate change, the Ozone the scientific method and ignorance

By | August 16, 2015

With the recent climate change talks getting less news coverage than previous years I thought I would revisit some data aggregated over the last year. The data basically contains temperature and rainfall measurements for India over a 100 year time period. The problem with the recent trends in Climate change have to do with the… Read More »

Sometimes common sense takes a back seat to BI

By | March 9, 2015

This post has to do with how we sometimes loose the tree for the forest (no this is not a mistake), I had written a blog post sometime back about game theory and how it can help decide the outcome of certain business cases. I came across two instances in the last week where game… Read More »

Querying SQL Azure database from online portal using the Manage URL

By | July 14, 2014

Occasionally you might want to quickly execute a query or run a few scripts on your Azure database without actually connecting from Management studio. For example when you’re working from home and it doesn’t make sense to add your home IP to the firewall rules in order for you to work with the database. In… Read More »

The world needs to watch this

By | June 5, 2014

  We are not promoting this video as an ad but simply a social awareness program. It hits home on the fact that Simple is Better doesn’t apply to just Business but even Lifestyles. A few simple things we do every day could mean the difference. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpfAIVLEdyTp-HoALoz-gRw

Forcing Innovation

By | April 29, 2014

Yes you read it right. Today we are discussing the approach I have seen in some companies where they try to force innovation. As you will soon realize I am against it. The thing about innovation is that you shouldn’t try too hard. The best innovations or discoveries happen at the most unexpected times and… Read More »