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Writing good TSQL vs Bad

By | October 15, 2019

Saw this question on the forum and wanted to highlight how easy it is to over complicate a simple query. A perfect example of Programmatic access vs Set based querying. The developer has an unhealthy obsession with CASE statements and as you can see from the post he is now facing issues as a… Read More »

Make the List and Stick to it

By | July 26, 2019

Every few weeks I am approached by someone on LinkedIn on how to go about starting the business or improving the way they work etc. To be honest I won’t claim to be an expert in this field (by any measure) but the fact that people ask me these question tells me that I must… Read More »

Report on Self harm

By | March 18, 2019

Recently we were given access to some data for self-harm statistics collected by WHO. Here are the important points Highest risk category are millennial males nearing the age of 25 in the Americas. Below is a screen grab of the basic report. Further analysis can be found below:- Data for regions like Africa and Middle… Read More »

Advice for young Professionals

By | December 20, 2018

Every year I get asked a standard set of question during my trainings. Most of the time the question is phrased differently like “What do you think I should do next in my career?” or “Which technology should I focus on?” Having heard the question multiple times I have gotten lazy and stuck to my… Read More »

Laws for Robotics

By | December 3, 2018

Recently I finished reading the late Stephen Hawking’s book “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”. One of the chapters it covers is Artificial Intelligence. A point he covers in the book mentions a framework for how AI should be used; a set of guidelines for AI to follow or more simply put some rules for… Read More »

Does god exist? A BI guy’s dilemma

By | April 8, 2018

You must be wondering what the heck this means? To give you some context I was recently asked if I believed in God. The answer is:- As a kid yes because my parents were god fearing and I copied them when it came to concepts I didn’t have a clear understanding of. As a teenager… Read More »

Is AI the Bad guy?

By | March 18, 2018

This week Stephen Hawking died. God bless his soul. And for some reason the only thing Indian media could focus on was his recent controversial statement about how AI could be the end of humanity. While I would like to admonish the Indian editorial for its shortsighted and narrow minded approach when viewing the legacy… Read More »