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94% Compression???? SQL Server from 1GB to 65 MB

In this video we go about taking data that is little over 1 GB in size and incrementally reducing its size all the way down to 65MB. This is mostly to highlight that good design can significantly reduce the memory footprint of the data. With tools like PowerbI etc. the push is towards storing the… Read More »

A Case for Classroom trainings

Every once in a while I see an advertisement on LinkedIn about companies that conduct online Trainings. Each time I see such ads I am reminded of how people have adopted technology to make their lives better as well as worse. In this post I am going to dissect what is wrong about online trainings.… Read More »

Drawing triangles using SQL Server – Fractals

If you play sports you know how much fun it is to do trick shots every once in a while. Occasionally I find myself with time on my hands and I end up doing things on SQL Server that have absolutely no database value but it’s a fun exercise. This is one such time. Fractals… Read More »

SQL 2017 – Minor features

There are a tons of minor improvements of features in SQL 2017 that nobody talks about so I figured before we all get swept up with SQL 2019. It might be good to quickly post something about them for posterity. sys.dm_os_host_info   A new DMV that gives OS level info as shown below, as you… Read More »

XML Validation: Declaration not found for element Error Message

Often when working with XML data type we encounter issues with the schema validation for the incoming XML. SQL Server does allow us to have XML datatype without schema binding. However it is a best practice to enforce Schema Binding so that we can improve data validation as well as index performance when querying the… Read More »

Adding CSV files as linked Server Connection

I often get a lot of migration projects where the data needs to port from CSV format into SQL Server. Here is a quick way I achieve it using Linked Server Connection in SQL Server. Why use Linked Server? Because it is very simple and easy to do. I could do the same using say… Read More »

SQL 2019:- Truncation Error message and where it fails

I was wondering if I should even bother checking this feature out since it was pretty obvious what it does and how useful it is. I can’t even begin to explain how many times I have had to troubleshoot truncations errors when working with customer data. The basic thing about this feature is that now… Read More »