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Why Donald Trump deserves a chance

First off, I have never commented on politics even though I feel strongly about it. Mostly because I believe everybody is entitled to their own opinion and a true democracy is one where everyone has a voice and that voice isn’t being suppressed. Like most people I was fairly sure Hillary Clinton would win the US elections but I forgot to take into account one of the most important aspects of American culture. We see it frequently in the movies and the news. America loves the underdog. The guy everybody said didn’t stand a chance. The factor that came out was everybody loves a bad boy. This came out pretty strongly in this election despite Donald Trump rhetoric.

The fact is the elections have concluded and the people have spoken. In many ways this is Americas Arab spring. A revolt by the disenfranchised to show their resentment against the established political class. Much like how Modi won the elections in India to upturn people’s mindset of one family ruling the country. While I don’t agree with most of what Donald Trump stands for. I do believe in giving people a second chance. Sometimes for people to achieve greatness what they need is the opportunity to rise above their current circumstances. The Oval office may just be the catalyst in turning Donald trump into a more reasonable and effective leader who understands the diversity and need for unity to bring a nation to greatness.

Case in point is Miss Tara Conner. The Miss USA 2006 winner who despite a drug scandal was allowed to keep her crown by Donald Trump. She is now an advocate against drug addiction. I would like to assume what changed her life was the fact that she was given a second chance.

Donald Trump does offer some exciting and not so exciting possibilities. I think Donald Trump said what he needed to in order to win the election. Much like the business man he is I think he will now go back and revisit the practicality of most of his policy statements and then either go back on his statements or implement a cut down version of it. Either ways I think even he knows not all of what he said can be implemented. For the most part being an outsider gives him a lot of flexibility in how he goes about getting things done esp. since he will have the house to support him.

Some of the key areas where Donald Trump might be the wrong choice are

  • He doesn’t give the impression that he plans things out. He obviously doesn’t seem think facts matter and as such almost all his major policy statements give the impression he really hasn’t thought things through. In short is unpredictable.
  • He can easily be riled up. Which might not be bad domestically but can cause serious foreign policy mistakes.
  • He has a lot of moral weakness that will end up with him doing something impeachable.
  • He likes being the center of attention, not sure how this personality trait will impact his cabinet.
  • He is first and foremost a business man. This mentality and approach to decision making might not work in political circles.
  • He is petty and vengeful.

Some areas where is might shine

  • He could really give America a fresh start in foreign policy esp. when dealing with countries like China, Pakistan and Europe.
  • He gives the impression do first, think later. So for better or worse things might actually get done.
  • He is able to motivate the people around him. Even through some of the worst scandals in the run to the election he was able to keep his delegates focused on defending him.
  • At this point I have run out of nice things to say. But I do see the kind of effective crudeness that we see in sports persons where winning is all that matters.

The challenge for America is to keep him focused. After the high of winning the election and taking the office there will come a time when he just might get bored of it all. One can only hope by then he has won the confidence of the Citizens of America and the world in general.

So before I wind up here are some predictions

Expect some serious decisions within the first 100 days

I say this because as the first 100 days come to completion there will be a lot a press on what he has achieved so far and never to disappoint Donald will make an outrageous statement just to prove a point.

His biggest challenge will come from the intellectual class in America

Even before Donald can take his first foreign trip there will be a lot of resistance to his actions domestically. He will be distracted by this more than anything else.

He will help America focus on its internal problems while neglecting/giving less importance global issues

Mostly because he doesn’t really care about what others do. He will focus most of this time on what the Press in the US is saying.

His presidency will give the impression that it’s OK for hardliners to be more open about their stance.

We will see an increase in intolerance initially but as soon as the press makes an outcry about state of affairs we will see Donald make a statement about unity and why hardliners need to be reeled in.

Personal wealth of Donald’s Family will increase

While he is not openly endorse anything, due to his flexible moral stance, tactic support will be provided. This is what I feel will get him impeached if he doesn’t control it.

Financial markets will continue to remain in turmoil due to his unpredictability.

The best measure of Donald Trump’s legacy as president will be how he picks his cabinet.

In the end while this post doesn’t really show a lot of good things about Donald Trump it’s the hope that he identifies these weaknesses and curbs them while he takes full advantage of this second chance that prompts me to write this in the first place. Obviously these are exciting times and chance favors the prepared so fasten your seat belts since we are all along for the ride.

Loading an Excel file into PowerBI Cloud Service

A common thing I keep forgetting when I try to import an excel file into PowerBI is the fact that the data in the excel sheet needs to be formatted as a table before you can import it. It seems a bit silly and doesn’t really compute since PowerBI seems so smart when it comes to other aspects of the data. However I guess the main reason for this is so that PowerBI knows where the columns headers are. Any way the error you get is

As shown below and doesn’t really tell you what the root cause is. But the import thing is to click the link on the pop up “Learn more about solving this issue”

Here is describes the common reasons why the import option fails and the very first one is about formatting the data as a table.

In order to format the data you simply need to select the entire data set within the excel worksheet and then simply click format as table. As shown below

Once done save the file and try to import again.