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There is a very important discussion happening!!! Are you part of it?? Net neutrality

This is probably one of the most important stuff you can do in your life time.Net Neutrality is the idea that the internet should not be restricted by the ISPs. Currently ISPs in India are claiming loss of revenue due to apps like skype and Whatsapp taking over the SMS and Call space that was dominated by the ISPs like Airtel, Vodafone etc. They plan to charge a different rate for message being sent over these platforms vs standard data traffic.

So why should we be worried? The additional rate will be higher than the current rate for data, you will still pay normal rates for standard calls anyway.

So why should we be worried still? They plan apply licensing fees to these Apps in order to use their network which almost guarantees that these apps will no longer be free

So why should we worried even then? The ISPs currently have little to regulate them in terms of how they go about it, YouTube might be faster because they paid extra for it while others didn’t. Making it possible for Airtel to censor the internet in a way, it’s very similar to search engine rankings Pay more and show up higher. But knowing the service quality of our ISPs it’s going to be more like Pay more for the same level of service , pay less and see your service degrade.

It doesn’t affect me is what you think? The vast majority of Internet traffic is more commercial establishments and Young adults but the cost is applicable across the board.

We are at the point where we are asking ourselves if we want to go down the road that restricts internet access in a country where true broadband is still an aspiration for many. Essentially the current approach by ISPs is to nip any future loss of revenue in the bud and secure a way to levy additional charges for any new tech that comes up.

The best comparison I can think of right now is the Patriot Act in the US. A law that passed through in panic and confusion and then came back in all its horror a decade later. This plan to curb net neutrality might just go through not because it’s a good thing but because people just don’t care enough and the ISPs know it.

Read more.

Read even more. Support the online petition.

I AM SO GLAD TO BE PROVED WRONG HERE !! We cared enough and today (9th Feb 2016) the Government approved the law making all forms of discriminatory pricing unlawful.

Why I will never hire anybody for Tata?

Reaching a certain level of incompetence takes just as much commitment as being good at it. It’s like telling someone “you can’t mess this up even if you tried” and then being proven wrong. Case in point is the recent TataSky upgrade that happened all over India. By the CEOs admission Tata Sky has over 1 Crore users in India (a big feat no doubt Oh wait not really considering that your only allowed to have DTH operators in India now). The claim was that only few thousands of users are impacted by the upgrade but the ad campaign proves otherwise, the long wait times at the call center and the unavailability of service reps is also another hint that things aren’t as rosy as they claim.

Coming from a database background I find it very hard to believe that anybody in their right mind would allow a role out like this to happen without first trying to either mitigate the impact or at least being able to ensure a quick resolution. It seems to go hand in hand with the Indian mentality of “Let’s see how it goes”

Keep in mind this isn’t the first time TATA has failed its customers , If you have been unfortunate to have a TATA AIA insurance policy then you might have got suspicious calls claiming to be a bonus where the caller already has all your details , ever wondered where they got that data from? Or how about the Nano, remember the cheap car that was so cheap it caught fire? I have yet to find a user of TataDOCOMO who is happy with his internet speed and call clarity. All in all this latest episode shows that you can’t always trust an old name that you have heard all your life. Maybe its time Tata stuck to the one product that has just their name in it TATA SALT, am hoping they won’t find a way to mess that up too.

Oh BTW I didn’t forget TCS or Jaguar (thank god for the five year plan in place else this brand would most likely have been put to shame too) but more on that in another post.

BTW checkout the stream of apologies from TATASKY notice the scroll bar size.


Uninstalling SQL Server

I just realized today that I had the CTP for sql 2014 still installed on my laptop today. While trying to uninstall it from control panel (time period had expired by the way) I got the error below:

The Operating System on this computer does not meet the minimum requirement

Naturally being a CTP I didn’t expect any real information out there about the issue but it did bring me to the link below where the often forgotten Setup.exe /Action=Uninstall switch was found. Just posting it on the blog to spread awareness that this is way to Uninstall SQL when in a fix.

Clustered Index vs Unique Non Clustered Index, which is better performance while still maintaining integrity of the data?

At a training recently we were talking about improving ETL performance for a process that loads about 3 million rows. While the answer is typically to load the data after dropping the indexes, in this case they wanted to load the data with indexes since the data would then be needed to perform looks up for downstream processes. The cost of rebuilding the index would out weight any benefit derived from removing it during the ETL so we had a slightly difficult situation to cover. The lookups required referential integrity and therefore the primary key was created with a clustered index. However I suggested getting rid of the clustered index in favor of the unique non clustered index, here is why



From the above two charts it seems there is not significant benefit to be gained from unique Nonclustered index while performing Inserts and Updates. However when you look at the below chart you will see that Unique non clustered index provides significant benefits during updates if columns being updated is one of the key columns.