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Why I Train

It is always rewarding to hear back from those who have attended my trainings. Recently I have been getting a lot of emails and face to face meetings from former participants who have taken the time to get back to me I have mentioned one such email below.

Hi Jayanth,

 This is Raja from Cognizant Technology Solutions.

I was one of them who attended SQL Server 2012 Administration training last week.

 Your training was very much useful.

Though I don’t have much expertise in SQL ( as I primarily work on Websites) , your training inspired me to learn more on SQL.

 Your advise on career was also much helpful :-) 



I normally do not put emails I get on the blog but the second last line about career made me want to publish this since my trainings have always been about making a career in MS SQL Server and not about just new features and in depth look at internals. I look forward to growing and learning with my trainees and mails like this keep me focussed.

Kyu and A?

Hi Jayanth,

Hope you are doing good.
My question is :
Is there a way 2 select from tables with no timeout when u r inserting data into them via BCP/bulk insert with tablock? does nolock work on select statement tables works?



yes, it's called optimistic concurrency. If you enabled the above feature you will get committed data only, i.e. none of the data from BCP will show up until the BCP completes. 
If you use NOLOCK you get the data with dirty reads since NOLOCK reads uncommitted data.
Depending on the nature of the requirement either of the above should work for you. My recommendation is Optimistic concurrency but keep in mind the temp db usage.









OH MS …. Why you keep shooting yourself in the foot? …. I will never understand

Those who know me also know I am an ardent supporter of Microsoft. These guys came up with Mobile OS, tablets, MP3 players and much more; long before they became coveted items of self-indulgence. But one thing Microsoft has also been able to do is take a seemingly bright idea and then turn it into a complete disaster. Once again this has been highlighted by the extremely complicated and unintuitive way that they have created the Azure portal. Even the different service provided under Azure is a far cry from the simple and easy to use interface of AWS.

Only Microsoft can take a simple VM or image and turn it into a complicated death trap of instructions that are hard to follow and don’t work as expected in the end. I think the problem is MS has too many engineers who take for granted that everybody should be able to read their mind and understand their intentions.

Everyday it becomes a little bit more difficult to love Microsoft and it’s disappointing the way they can’t learn from their mistakes or their competitors. I am sure this is how dinosaurs got extinct.

I still love MS despite the above rant because they do get things right and so far the pros outweigh the cons.

PS: – I wrote this post a long time back and decided not to post it to give MS a chance, Guess what? They messed up again.

A new video on DB mirroring

Well it’s not new exactly it was created many years back and I somehow never uploaded it. Yesterday a former client came back asking about DB mirroring and I realized that there was a video that I should upload. So here it is.

Think of this video as the last hurrah to DB mirroring a staple of every DBAs resume and granddaddy to Always ON.