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Is AI the Bad guy?

This week Stephen Hawking died. God bless his soul. And for some reason the only thing Indian media could focus on was his recent controversial statement about how AI could be the end of humanity. While I would like to admonish the Indian editorial for its shortsighted and narrow minded approach when viewing the legacy… Read More »

Are we looking at gender pay gap incorrectly?

This is a topic that is very dear to me not because of the gender aspect of it but because I am a strong believer of Equal pay for Equal work regardless of gender, race, religion or nationality. I strongly believe there is a wage gap and that there is gender bias but I have… Read More »

BootMgr missing – 3 days of Hell

Just came out of a real deep mess after my laptop crashed 3 days back. The issue was a fairly common one but none of the solutions found on the internet were working and I had to fix things with extreme prejudice. All my data for the last 5 years exits on the same laptop.… Read More »

String split using full text indexes

Recently I needed a way to extract keywords from email messages in order to create a list of noise words for a spam filter as well as implement an auto complete kind of option for the search box. The first option that came to mind was to use Term extraction in a SSIS package. The… Read More »

An interesting conversation with Google Assistant

If you have read my previous posts you know that I have an interest in AI and machine learning. Recently my phone was updated to include Google Assistant. For those using the iPhone Google Assistant is the Android version of Siri and supposedly smarter at doing things for you. While I have already been using… Read More »

Set based vs row by row (procedural code)

I was reading a blog about how to write procedural code today ( link below) and wanted to take a moment to explore another approach just to provide a more complete reference. To provide some context I am explaining the business case here. A hospital wants to identify people whose heights have changed over time… Read More »

Why Donald Trump deserves a chance

First off, I have never commented on politics even though I feel strongly about it. Mostly because I believe everybody is entitled to their own opinion and a true democracy is one where everyone has a voice and that voice isn’t being suppressed. Like most people I was fairly sure Hillary Clinton would win the… Read More »

Pushing till we get there

I am a very difficult boss to work with. Before I carry on I want to explain that I don’t derive any pleasure from it; it’s just something that’s worked for me. A few days back I was watching a documentary on the training of Special Forces in the Indian Army and the end of… Read More »