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Azure Blob Storage usage scenarios for Archival

Azure blob storage is a great way to store large amounts of data. It provides cheap highly available access to data anytime, anywhere. However the nature of data often changes and as a result there are three common methods or access tiers under which the data is stored in Azure. Developers are encouraged to consider… Read More »

Tracking DML Operations in SQL tables

Recently I was asked if there was a better way than triggers to perform audits on a table. Essentially the client has a number of tables and each table needs a framework to audit DML operations occurring within them. Now the challenge is not really the audit part but how the data is consumed after… Read More »

PowerBI Calendar control

A client recently asked for a calendar layout within the report. This is one place where I feel PowerBI seems to lacking significantly since there are no native controls available and the ones that can be added aren’t really what people call a typical calendar. Here are some of the common examples you may find… Read More »

Multiplexing queries and performance issues

Problem Recently I was approached with an issue which requires multiplexing queries in order to reduce the number of indexes created in azure search. Depending on the service level Azure allows only a limited number of indexes. In this particular case it was 3. So if the customer has three tables and needed indexes on… Read More »

Speeding up database restores

This is a simple thing every DBA needs to do when they are done with installing SQL server. However it didn’t seem to be as popular as it should have been and I found out that most DBA knew about this only when Microsoft made it part of the SQL Server install process for SQL… Read More »

PowerBI Connection error when logging into the cloud site

Recently in a training we encountered the below issue. I guess this will only occur in cases like a training room. Essentials the error message we get when we try to connect to PoweBI Cloud site is “Connection error Your connection has been lost. Please check your network connection settings. As soon as your connection… Read More »

Using Azure Storage explorer

When it comes to working with Azure one of the tools almost everybody end up having to use is Azure storage explorer. The tools is a third party software available on the link here The tools is fairly straight forward to use and only requires credentials to access the account. Simple click start and search… Read More »

Configuring Polybase in MS SQL Server 2016

A bit late in the day but I figured I would add a post on how to configure MS SQL Server Polybase. Polybase is a feature of MS SQL server I don’t see many customers using but it is still very exciting since it make SQL Server truly the single data platform any company needs… Read More »